Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are you based?

Second Mile has people spread throughout the UK.  We are a virtual organisation and create project teams based on project need.  Our people typically work from home but their projects can be anywhere.

Are you consultants?

No, we provide hands-on management services on a contract basis and share in the risks and rewards of the business.

How does Second Mile make its money?

Second Mile people work for a mixture of salary and equity in new ventures.  If we like a business we will often go in pre-investment to help make the business investable.  We put our time and skills where our judgement lies, and expect to be rewarded accordingly.

Can Second Mile help me take my idea to market?

Yes.  If you have completed the first mile but need to add new business skills to take it through the second mile, we would like to hear from you.  Send us a non-confidential description and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Does Second Mile invest?

No.  We are managers of businesses not allocators of capital.  We believe these are two distinct skills and excellence comes from focus.  That said, we work closely with investors.  We speak their language and are often an enabler for investment.

Can I be part of Second Mile?

If you are committed to new venture work, have a technology background and can draw others to follow your lead, we would like to hear from you.  Second Mile gives technology entrepreneurs access to more projects, and provides teammates to work with.  We think it makes it more fun and more effective.  It isn’t a job though; it’s simply a way of better leveraging the initiative you already have.

How can my company be a supplier to your startups?

If you have a clearly differentiated offering that is relevant to new ventures, combined with an economic model optimised for startups, please get in touch.  We are always interested in extending the ecosystem which our ventures draw on.