Case Study: Inventors

The inventor of this device, already a successful designer with some 70 patents to his name, approached Second Mile for help with a new product in the beverage sector.  Leading brands had voiced concerns that use of the safety device would accentuate fears and harm sales.  They had, however, said that if one brand adopted the system they would all be forced to do so.

The requirement was therefore to develop a commercial strategy that would maximise the chances of a first-mover adopting the product, so triggering a switch across the industry.  A sales proposition was needed that would address consumer fears whilst also attracting the support of beverage manufacturers.  This then needed to be translated into a route-to-market strategy that could win the confidence of investors.

Second Mile crafted a new positioning for the product, emphasising that brands using the safety device were looking out for their customers.   A detailed analysis of the route-to-market alternatives was carried out and a sales strategy mapped out.  A team involving experienced entrepreneurs and beverage sector experts was brought together and a fully costed business plan prepared.

Together with the founding inventor, Second Mile presented the business to investors.  The business secured funding from a leading regional venture capital firm in August 2011 and is now working to bring the product to market.