Case Study: Monthly Management

This Company had raised significant funds but was still a company of five people in a tiny office and a bench in a shared lab.  It had 3 fragile working prototypes demonstrating proof of principle, two interested OEMs keen to get their hands on a demonstrator as soon as possible and 200 shareholders who needed to see progress.

The Company needed to build the technical team, develop, manufacture and deliver the product as well as setting up long-term relationships with partners, suppliers and other potential customers.

A Second Mile executive joined the business as COO.  He built up and managed the technical team which then delivered prototypes to two major consumer electronics manufacturers in the Far East.  Other customers were nurtured resulting in the signing of a JDA with a major laptop battery manufacturer to develop a fuel cell hybrid battery for use in a brand-leading laptop.  He also:

  • set up a prototype production facility and negotiated an agreement with a manufacturer for volume units;
  • negotiated with suppliers and set up supply lines for all key components; and
  • set up and managed procedures and systems for all business activities including financial control, HR, IT and H&S.

The result was a successful development company who had a Beta product with two major OEMs for evaluation and the promise of significant future sales.