What is your business model?

We use independent entrepreneurs to deliver short- and long-term projects.  We keep overheads low, focus on adding value through our network of entrepreneurs and make sure we effectively scope and match customer requirements with the right entrepreneurs.

Will you share the risk with me?

Yes.  We are happy to share risks and returns.  You can pay for our services in cash or share the upside with us via equity or options.  Corporate clients often fund the early stages, transitioning to a risk-share when the opportunity has been validated.  Inventors may choose to share upside from the earliest stages.   Talk to us to find out what suits your situation best.

How do you assure quality?

All our people are carefully selected.  Each of them has in-depth new venture expertise.  We are experienced in scoping work that meets the needs and aspirations of both customers and entrepreneurs.  Our entrepreneurs help each other via a peer review process, and Second Mile retains a relationship with you from start to finish.

We invest time and effort in understanding your business and requirements. We only propose entrepreneurs with the relevant experience, knowledge and skillset.

Can I choose who I work with?

We propose qualified people by drawing on our team’s experience and skill, and you choose the right team for you.  Our people choose which clients and projects they want to work with.   You benefit from access to a diverse team.  You can access all the skills you need as your project progresses.

Who’s in charge?

Second Mile’s people are proven leaders.  But they know that success is a team effort.  They can lead a new venture under your authority, or answer to a board of which you are part.   The right approach depends where you are, and where you want to go.  We’re happy to talk this through together.

How quickly can you start?

Typically we can start work 10 days after agreeing the brief.  However projects have been known to start the next day!