How are we different?

We are entrepreneurs; we share risk and reward with you.  We’re executives not advisors; we take responsibility and get things done.  And we work alongside you to turn your vision into a venture.

Who are our entrepreneurs?

Our entrepreneurs are of the highest calibre combining industry experience, top MBA education and proven leadership in new ventures. They are carefully selected not just for their knowledge and experience but also for their motivation, creativity and versatility.

What attracts entrepreneurs to us?

It is a combination of:

Variety: Second Mile attracts a variety of interesting, challenging and high quality opportunities in a diverse range of technology-based industries.

Freedom: Entrepreneurs have control over the type and timing of work as well as the role they take on.

Productivity: We reduce the administrative overhead.  We manage business development, contract negotiation, contract administration and invoicing.  We free you up to focus on what’s important.